ForumsHardware ← [SOLD]: Soundplane Model A

Great condition, recently tested in Aalto and Kaivo. All appears as it should be. (serial number is #0032, if you care for such details)

Full disclosure, I think we're still waiting on a software fix for MPE, but the hardware is solid.

Anyway... I paid $1,895, and would like to set it at that price. Hit me up with any questions.

Soft case is included.

It's been a while, but just curious if this is still available?

Well, it’s been even longer now, but has this Soundplane sold? I am interested.

It seems this forum is not great about sending notifications. Sorry about that.

Seems like you found one, though. Did that sale work out?

I'm greaterthanzero at gmail, if you'd like to talk with fewer months between responses.

I did buy one from a forum member in France. Thank you for the offer, though.

They’re rare enough that I’m sure you could sell it pretty fast on Reverb if you needed to. No doubt you know this already but figured I’d mention it anyway.

I actually sent you an email anyway.


It’s sold and shipped off as of this past week. Best wished to all, and I hope everyone looking for a Soundplane is able to find one!