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hiiii i am trying to use kaivo on ableton for mac
can someone help me understand how to record? i hear sounds and i have both the recording buttons on but it is only recording what is played on the keyboard and even then without the effects, although it has "kaivo" as the audio...
not sure if there's another button i need to press or what but i would like to record the sounds from this instrument to use


I'm not an expert with Ableton and I have to look this up every time. So maybe someone else can explain better. If I remember right, sending the output of the synth track to another audio track, then recording that track, is the simplest way.

as Randy says basically you have to record audio into a separate track..
you can do this either by sending the kaivo audio to another track or by setting the audio tracks input.

I find the former easier, then if you set the kaivo track to IN, you only have to arm the audio track (and not kaivo and audio)

kaivo example

there are a couple of other options.. if you don't want to do this as live audio recording...
a) freeze kaivo track
if you just want to save cpu resources, you can just freeze the track, and it will use audio instead of kaivo, but it will still have kept the midi, so you can unfreeze it if you want to later make changes.

b) flatten track
once a track is frozen, you can then use flatten to convert the track to audio.
this is useful if you want to edit as audio. (but it irreversible)

@thetechnobear thank you for posting the info!