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I build robots that automate guitar picking--I send picking patterns via MIDI from a DAW to a robot built on the top of a guitar. This is fun, because it means you can fret with both hands, or use your right hand to control effects, change picking patterns, or do other things (I tend to think of it as giving the right hand more "directorial" functions).

I recently rebuilt the controller and gate/velocity module into a Eurorack-sized module.

Here's some noodling around with it (three tracks, not a finished piece):



Hey, nice to see you here—thanks for the update!

I really like that cyborg shoegazey piece and would love to hear it longer.

Hi Randy,

I wasn't happy with the basic sound of the picking, so I rebuilt the picking mechanism. Here's a sampler of how it sounds now:

There are four example sections--first, a "raw" acoustic sound, then a Telecaster sound, then a clip with some effects, and, finally, an example of driving the robot from a pulse matrix in VCV Rack (rather than a MIDI sequence from Ableton Live). The pulse matrix clock is a modulated LFO, so it speeds up and slows down in an interesting way (well, to me, anyway). Sort of reminds me of Egberto Gismonti or a Villa-Lobos piece.



Really neat! The first clip sounds almost synthetic because of the perfect timing. I think I can hear the stronger servos in action. These new pieces are exciting and I hope I get to hear longer ones when you make them. For what it's worth, it feels like complete music I would either work or bliss out to and I don't think it needs anything but the guitar.

I have been playing Egberto Gismonti and some related ECM-universe records I have on my morning "radio" show. Sundays at 10am at if you want to tune in!