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Hi -

I am thrilled to have acquired a Soundplane but not currently able to use it!

I have the latest Soundplane software installed on my MacBook Pro running Mojave. The software looks fine as long as I don't connect the Soundplane but when I connect and calibration begins, the software crashes within seconds.

Suggestions? Thanks for assistance, I really look forward to using the Soundplane.

Ok I got it working on a friends computer! It just occurred to me I should try dowloaded software in a different browser....

I got your email—for reference I'm copying my reply here:

re: the crash, your 2012 machine should be fine to use with the Soundplane. I would try:

  • unplug the Soundplane
  • remove your entire ~/Library/Application Support/Madrona Labs directory
  • launch the Soundplane app
  • plug in the Soundplane to make a brand new calibration

There’s an “Expert” page if you click right in the app to switch pages—on that page there’s a console. It may have some additional info.

Hi thanks so much for fast support! Still not working on my computer but I'm going to poke around more and see what I can figure out, I'll reach out if I get stuck....

Really appreciate all your work.