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Hi Randy,

First of all; thanks for the amazing software.

For a long time I haven't opened any of your plugins (maybe not even on my current machine at all). I just tried opening Aalto, but the UI is extremely slow responding. Even the time display in my Logic is slowing down when I open it. The CPU is not massively changing though. I also opened Virta and Kaivo to see what happens, and it's also occurring there. Other (CPU-heavy) plugins or synths I am not having any problems with. Do you know what might be causing it?

I am using Logic 10.5.0 on a 15-inch 2019 Macbook Pro with the 2,3 GHz Intel Core i9 processor and 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 ram. I updated to the latest Aalto version, but the version I had before (it might be 1.8) had also the problem.


Hi Erik,

Sorry you're having trouble. I have another report about slow graphics and I'm very interested to track this down ASAP.

What operating system are you using?

Can you confirm you are on the latest version of Aalto, 1.9.2?

Can you give the Aaltoverb demo a try and let me know if it has any of the same issues?

Hi Randy,

I am using Mojave (10.14.6) and indeed using Aalto 1.9.2 (but it also occurred on a 1.8 version before I updated to the newest version).

Just installed Aaltoverb and it's working smoothly and all fine.

When I open Kaivo (FL Studio, Catalina) the waveform display stays blank and tends only to appear after loading in another wave, iirc a similar thing happens with the vocoder display in Virta.

Thanks—I appreciate the feedback. This is a different issue I'm working on:

Thanks for the additional info Erik—it's weird how I still can't duplicate this, even though the setup I'm often using is so very similar—Mojave, MBP.

When you get a chance, if you are willing to, please give the latest Logic Pro a try and let me know if anything changes. Meanwhile I'll puzzle over the code.

I will! Thanks Randy.

I updated to the latest Logic and sadly still no improvements whatsoever. To make the problem even more visible, I screen recorded a bit. Notice for example the time display in the top when I open and close Aalto. Also in my dragging of a slider and other visuals inside the plugin you can see it's really buggy.

Thanks for making the video. Of course I see the problem. Unfortunately it's totally baffling right now. I have basically the same setup on Mojave, on a less powerful Macbook Pro, and it works totally smoothly.

Also unfortunately, there's no crash log to look at so I have no obvious point of failure.

A way I often stress-test CPU use is to turn the process buffer size down in the DAW to 16 or so. This usually generates clicks, but even so, the GUI stays smooth when I do it. So I don't think this is overall CPU related.

The only way forward I can see is to make some experimental version of the plugin that tries leaving out or changing parts of the graphics code so we can narrow this down. I'll send you an email when I have something.


I always used Aalto perfectly smooth on my previous laptop (Macbook Pro 2013-late), so for also me it's a mystery it's lagging on my current set-up. Any other plugin/VST is working perfectly fine.


I use JUCE for making audio/midi plugins.
And I think I had a similar issue before.
I don't remember the detail well, but I think it was caused by "setBufferedToImage".
If you use it, please try to remove them.

I remember that option and it's a promising idea. Thanks for writing.