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Finally, I've got it finished..... and wow, it was worth the effort!

I use the Bela Salt as a means to allow the Soundplane to be connected to decode its protocol...
Ive made it so that there are custom layouts, and options like playing in fourths, quantised fully and partial, or none.

I was also inspired by the Intellijel Planar, so Im using the CV inputs to you can directly modulate the soundplane touch position.....
also as the Bela has audio in/out, Im using it as a kind of VCA controlled directly by touch (using Z, but also a mode where it can do x/y cross fade :) )

anyway, here's me playing it for the first time....
youtube link

I'll probably do a follow up video that goes into a bit of details, as its really shows how the soundplane could be the 'ultimate' eurorack control surface :)

my software is my Github for those interested, it could be no doubt adapted for other platforms).