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This morning I opened Aalto in Logic Pro and was enjoying some of the rich FM sounds it generates.

When Aalto first came out I remember it stretched the resources of my computer at the time.

Almost 8 years later, and 2 computers later CPU resources do not seem to be as much of an issue.

The Aalto Interface which was ahead of it's time in 2011 is still excellent today.
The addition of more voices to the synth would breath new life into it for me. I would love to be able to play it as a polysynth.
8-12 voices would be a lot of fun.

That would be an upgrade I would be willing to pay for.

Is there anyone else out there who thinks so too?

Yup, I've been thinking the same thing. Not only did computers get faster, I did a lot of optimization since little Aalto 1.0 came out. So 8 voices is no problem. I feel like that's the sweet spot because the scope-dials get very cluttered with more indicators in them six or so (one per voice).

In any case more voices is a definite plan for Aalto 2 along with a big list of other improvements I have in mind. On the inevitable question of timing I'll only say "hopefully later this year."

Thanks for the response Randy. I am very excited to hear this.

Please take your time with Aalto 2. I am onboard whenever you decide to release it.