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Im looking at the patch in techniques called Multi Seq. Probably me being super dim but I just don't get how to view the different sequences being used per voice.

So If I want to see the sequence as being used by Voice 1 and then view the sequence as being used by Voice 2, how do I do that. Ive tried all sorts of knob twiddling but the sequence in view never changes as far as I can see

For example how do I change the sequence for voice 1 to use 5 steps and then change voice 2 to use 8 steps



Its Ok I figured it out eventually :-)



@ianforster: can you explain what you found? I a little unsure about how the vox controller can be used. Is it only emitting the integer value corresponding to the voice number?

hi @easel that's exactly right. The first voice starts at 0 so you get 0, 1, 2, 3. Adding this to the sequence offset can produce a number of different sequences given the right scaling. That's what the multi seq patch aims to demonstrate.

Ok.Thanks for the clarification.

Hi @easel I just wanted to point out that Vox is in my opinion a super powerful feature, and almost no other VST (and no hardware synth I'm aware of) has it. If you send Vox to seq rate, suddenly the seq for each voice is running at a different rate. Instant polyrhythms and complex textures. Send it to filter cutoff or type, and you've got 4 voices that are each using the filter in different ways. Send it to pitch, and you've got something like a soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Endless surprises and possibilities.

@ianforster you can see the little dots for each voice moving along the bottom of the sequencer. you won't see "oh voice 1 is using 5 steps of the sequencer and voice 2 is using six" but you will see the dots moving in those patterns. Send Vox to offset and you'll see one dot using one part of the sequencer and another dot running along another part of the sequencer. Each voice is using the same sequencer, but because of Vox they might be using it in very different ways.

Thanks for this post. I came across a preset that was using this feature and unable to figure out how the sequence could be running at different rates for each voice. A very cool feature for sure, I'm going to explore this one further.