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I was just wondering if there are any downloadable presets which make use of MPE, particularly using with Roli Seaboard? Would be great to have an MPE bank of presets with Aalto and Kaivo one day!



That's a good idea to make an MPE or Soundplane specific group of presets. Mostly you can take any existing preset and then patch the y output to something interesting, so I hope you have fun playing with it anyway—please let me know if you have more questions.

Ok, thanks! Maybe I'll get inspired to make a bank of preset myself :)

I have a feature request regarding MPE:
If I set the input control to MPE I want the pitch bend range to be fixed. Either I set the range once, and it will not be overwritten by a preset change, or it should be fixed to the standard 48. (Though outside of Bitwig for Linnstruments 24 would be better...;-)
When browsing presets, its annoying to adjust the PB range each time... (I know I could resave, but I would only want that for sounds I keep...)
This applies to Aalto and Kaivo and also for the upcoming Sumu...

I think the best solution here would be a "parameter lock" mechanism, already planned. With this feature you could set any parameter to a fixed value that will not change upon loading a preset.

Thanks for the feedback!

yes parameter lock would be a good addition also for other purposes.