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First of all, let me just say that I love aalto. Absolutely fantastic sound and feature set, and pretty unique in this world of "yet another subtractive 3-osc emulation".

That said, and while I understand (i think?) the nod towards West Coast Modular, there are still some advantages soft synths have over hardware modulars I would like to see implemented. (These are pretty much the same features I would like to have on my hardware eurorack modular)

First of all, stepped responses on some of the controls. The octave stepping as default on the ModOsc frequency and waveguide for instance are great! I would however like to have, say, an "alt-key" option for stepping exact semitones, not just full octaves. (same goes for all modulation amount knobs that modulate parameters having "musical pitch", so to speak.

Also, host tempo sync option for LFO and Env repeat would be great.

And, while I'm at it. You wouldn't happen to have any plans on releasing the Aalto oscillator as an eurorack module, would you? ;o)

Oh, forgot one thing.

In the sequencer, when running multiple voices, I think it would be great to have each "voice active led" have a different color, and then use that voice's color in the sequencer position led indicator as well. That way, you could see where each voice was in the sequencer. (Don't know it it would be really useful for anything, but it would be nice... =) )

Hello Rydan,

for fine tuning of everything, it's not alt+key but shift+key... try it.

For LFO sync, as well as for sequencer clock divide ratio when syncing to host tempo, Randy said it will be implemented in a future update...

Good idea about alt... or something to get semitone steps. I'll think on this.

Not sure about the color idea, if only because I don't thin it would look nice, or be very readable, esp. with more voices. But keep 'em coming...

Four Outs would be nice. Each Voice would have it's own output would be a great feature for Aalto.

how about a 'random' button to go with the other 3 'waveshape' seq pattern buttons? would come in handy.

also a +1 for the 4 outputs option (you do mean external outputs to feed to seperate tracks in the daw, right?)