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I use Aalto V.1.8.2 (VST.64) and suddenly ( after an update to High Sierra) the versions appear in a disorderly manner, don't follow the order of the number. Someone have the same problem? Someone know how to resolve it?


Sorry, can you explain in more detail? I don't understand what you mean.

When the problem happens,

  • what operation did you do immediately before the problem?
  • what did you expect to happen next?
  • what happened instead?

Normally, at the moment you save a path as a version, the title that appears in the menu is the title of the patch followed by a number. When you have several versions, the menu appears with the ordered versions. My problem is that the versions appear unordered in the menu, so I can not reproduce them in the order that I had prefixed (in numerical order). I had not found this fault until I updated my operating system to High Sierra, I do not know if that could have been the reason or not. I hope to have explained myself better. Thank you

OK, I get it now. I did not know if you meant versions of patches, or of the plugin. Updating to Aalto 1.8.3 should fix this. It's a free update.

OMG, sorry to disturb for this basic thing. Thanks so much.

No worries! I'm here to help.