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Are there more than 8 or so Presets?

Yes, there are around 150.

You could try reinstalling. What OS are you on?

Mac os sierra 10.12.6

older macbook pro 2011 with a graphics card maxed out at 8 Gb.
tried re-install but I didn't uninstall first. Did'nt fix the lack of presets

went looking for more..... with search, no luck.
thanks for getting back so quick Randy

Yup. went searching for simple vosim....... no file found.

Tried a clean re-install. No luck. just 10 pre-sets. Hosted thru either Tracktion 7 or EigenD
same result. 10 plugins only. Installing to my SSD drive is that a problem?

I would just use the default location on your startup drive and see if you can get that to work. With an external drive, permissions issues come to mind, but I can't think of why it would install 10 presets and then stop. Unless the drive is full.

SSD drive is the Main drive no externals.
Been trying different solutions. Think I'm going to have to just copy from the screen shots
of the Audio Synth presets demo'ed on youtube. It will work for what I'm doing.

Thanks Randy.

There have been some issues with Windows from time to time but hardly ever on a Mac. So I don't have too many ideas. Are you running any anti-virus software? You could try turning it off. Also, possibly the installer was corrupted so just downloading it again may work.

I too have an issue with only 10 presets. Could we get a separate folder of presets for those us of us having this issue? On a 2015 MBP

Wow, so I looked at the installer and found some issue in my build here that clobbered most of the presets. Totally my problem and it was just something so weird I wasn't checking for it. I'll release a full update with all the presets tomorrow.

Meanwhile here's a .zip of all the presets separately:

Awesome, thank you for the quick reply!

I've posted the Virta update with all the patches. Since the plugin code hasn't changed, the new installer is also v.1.8.3 but with all the patches.