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Seems intriguing. An email I received a while back said Spring 2018.

Hey Randy! Hope all is good at Madrona Labs! Just wanted to bump the anticipating Sumu threat. Is there any news on a release date? Peace!

I'm sending out a newsletter soon with more info, as soon as I can finish this sub-project (Utu) I'm working on. If you're interested in learning more about that in the meantime, there's more info on the Discord.

Can you post a link to the Discord, please?



I'd love to be know more about all Madrona instruments. The Discord invite is invalid though. Can you resend? Thank you.


I guess I will keep making these until the the beta starts properly. Please note that there's nothing to try yet!

Sumu-Wrestling, Or Shepherding Cats In The Funland Fogs?

Hey guys, maybe it's a bit like those probability things where the mere act of observing collapses the predictability or like that spooky-physics-at-a-distance thing that Einstein talked about. Is it Halloween soon?

So along those lines of thought, perhaps Randy changes state too unpredictably if we observe him too intently or something.
So maybe let's pretend that we are entirely uninterested in the Funnish Fog.

Randy, I have a beloved Funnish friend-- the sister I never had-- and, as such, am reasonably up on Funnish culture, or at least in some areas, like contemporary music, like Happoradio, Vesterinen Yhtyeineen and Kemopetrol...

Kemopetrol, incidentally, are or were apparently working on an upcoming album, at least last I looked, but it seemed to be taking some time. But maybe had they not mentioned it on their site, they'd have had something by then. ;)

Nevertheless, as for additive synthesis, apparently it's something along the lines of trying to herd cats, what with those partials/sine waves each and all wanting to go this way and that and over considerable lengths of time, to make something ear-grabbing yet manageable. A bit of a fine art perhaps and/or witchcraft, yes?


Understood. 'u'