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Seems intriguing. An email I received a while back said Spring 2018.

I am really liking the design! If Kaivo is granular meets physical modeling, then Sumu is additive meets FM. More soon.

Sounds fantastic. How soon!?? :-)

What would I know? I just work here.


Additive meets FM? And here I am just getting over obsessing over Wendy Carlos' additive insanity of Beauty in the Beast.

I have to admit that I'm not particularly a fan of FM, but your synths so far are so unique that I'm keeping an open mind, and am looking forward to what you come up with combining it with additive.


already a sure buy like all your software, any more info to lust about? :)

It's been pushed back a little but still moving forward and I am excited to share more when I can. Too early for interface but a sound snippet soon I hope.

I was just about to ask if you'd consider posting some sound samples while we (im)patiently wait for more details, but you beat me to it.

oh wowohwow!

Somehow missed the initial announcement for Sumu, but am now excited to now be obsessively checking this forum several times a day for the next (several) month(s) < 3 < 3

I'm excited too. Back to work on updating the other plugs this morning though. it's all part of the fun, as they say, but I can't wait to get back to wild sound experimentation.

In case some of you aren't on Madrona Labs email list, I found this exciting tidbit in my mailbox today-
"With the plugin updates completed, I'm now working full-time on the next software instrument, Sumu. It's going to be the last plugin in the patcher-in-the-middle format that Madrona Labs introduced with Aalto way back in 2010. Granular synthesis, as implemented in Kaivo, lets you decompose a sound into vertical segments (grains) each capturing an instant of the whole sound. A sines plus noise decomposition, used in Sumu, is a complementary tool that does very much the opposite, tracking individual sine wave partials of a sound horizontally through time in what's called spectral analysis.

Working with spectral data in a patchable environment has long been limited to the users of more general-purpose tools like Kyma and Max/MSP. With Sumu I'm designing a fixed set of modules that work in harmony together to make spectral sculpting a breeze."

Posting for no other reason than to say I'm v excited about this

Is really the last instrument with the patcher-in-the-middle ? what's next ? seemed to be winning design... I ll miss it.

Well OK, last in this series anyway. These four instruments make a great kind of group and next I need to do something different. I could put a patcher in the middle of something again, someday. But it will probably look different. Hopefully I'm always learning.

Randy you have blown my minds.

The main thing I miss about my kyma system (sold in 2017) was being able to do live spectral analysis and then re-pitch the sines live, using the soundplane (although it was easier to do 2 at the same time rather than 11!).

It's pretty much the only thing I really used Kyma for for creating surreal BV's and speech. Actually performed live vocal re-pitching, too. Gutted there's only audio - no video of that. I cannot wait. I may even save for a new cpu to tackle this.

Mac only still ya?

I am looking forward to this SO MUCH that it actually hurts!

Sumu is going to be only an instrument, not an effect—so live processing won't be part of the fun. You'll have to import a sound clip and analyze it, like in Kaivo.

Virta does a great job with live formant processing though!

The Soundplane is currently Mac only but I see that changing with the Model B release.

Excellent news ! Very excited about this. Bigup Randy :) No one does it like Madrona labs, I value your instruments just as my hardware eurorack system.

throw us a bone here ?..

Hey there, Sumu is moving a lot more slowly than planned. It's a little ambitious and I probably shouldn't have announced it so soon, so I'm truly sorry if the suspense is killing you! I'm excited to put out more info and audio samples but it's just not ready yet.

Don’t want to put any pressure on, just wanna say that the project sounds so good, cannot wait to get the first glimpse of it. If there is any beta involved at some point please count me in :)

Time for THAT question again. Any news on how Sumu is coming along? I won't even ask about a sound sample. ;)

It turned into a pretty ambitious project and I'm reworking a ton of the enabling technology as well. I appreciate that you are still interested!

I have put some of the behind-the-scenes work into a smaller new release. More info on that in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Randy. Looking forward to the upcoming smaller release. I'm sure that it'll be interesting.

Me too. I am very curious about SUMO and still hoping for a big one :)
Spectral manipulation is a cool thing and I think FM is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread, especially with 6 or 8 operators. I am pretty curious about your approach and I am certain it will be interesting for sure and I hope you will find enough time to develop it further.
Have joy and be sound.

sitting here in limbo
waiting for the dice to roll
sitting here in limbo
got some time to search my soul ...

Is there a special definition of SOON at Madrona Labs?

I'm just one programmer with big ideas and limited resources, and I'm often overly optimistic. I'm sorry this results in bad time estimates sometimes, I'm working on it.

They do say 'good things are worth the wait' ... so expecting something great from this .