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I realise one can never have enough of these things and appreciate that you've striven for a one-page design that must have its compromises.

But I'd really like at least a second LFO. They are just too useful to have only one and be constrained to a single rate/shape.

Is it possible you'd add another?


If I can do it without changing the panel, I might. I've thought about adding an A/B kinda thing where one panel could control two objects in an expert mode. Thanks for the feedback.

@Sandbags you probably realize this but if you send VOX to the LFO rate, each voice will have a different LFO rate, and all the rates will be mathematically related to each other. I know that's not the same as having two LFOs.

I never get tired of how VOX can make every single module into 2 or 4 or 8 different versions of itself. And the emergent interactions between the modulations in each voice can be very different from each other.