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Hi Randy,

I noticed some time ago that the 'Save as version' is buggy. For example:
I have a patch called Witches I save - let's say - three different versions Witches, Witches[2], Witches[3]. When I then open Witches[2]fiddle around and decide to save the patch with the 'Save as version' Aalto - instead of creating Witches[4]- overwrites Witches[3]. This is annoying and makes the 'Save as version' almost useless for me. Any Idea?.

Thanks for your wonderful products anyway.

P.S. I want Madrona Labs fx like delay, reverb and chorus so bad ;-)

Oh no! Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to reproduce this on Windows.

I will be sending out Aaltoverb as a freebie when I can find time. Have you tried Virta as an effect? It does delay and chorus type FX pretty well. reverb.... maybe not.

I point everyone to the reverbs from ValhallaDSP for great sound and value.

This bug also exists in Kaivo!

A lot of code is shared between the plugins. If I fix it for one of them, I'll release fixes for all ASAP. Thanks for the reminder.