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Myself and several Native Instruments forumites have worked to create NKS compatibility for Aalto so it can be used integrated into the NI S Series keyboards (and partially also Maschine although Maschine lacks aftertouch support). The support files are hosted here:

in the Aalto subfolder - this includes a controller template for Aalto mapped to the S Series/Maschine knobs, thumbnails so Aalto appears nicely in the browser on the keyboard screen (hope you don't mind me snagging a screenshot from the manual for that, it just makes it look nicer and more professional) and a few database entry files to enable it to show up in the right place in the Komplete database. There is an info file in the main folder with instructions on integration. Just requires copying a few files and folders into the right position and then updating the Komplete database.

I also converted my 3 banks for Aalto - Drone Machines, Clouds & Clocks and Aaltovista, to NKS format and another NI forum member kindly generated NKS sound previews for these so each patch can be previewed from the keyboard or within Maschine. These are also fully tagged with search terms for the database.

The patches are here (also includes the Aalto patches, some have been revised a little so if anyone has the older versions please replace with these)

Potentially the same could be done for Aalto factory presets if you are happy for us to do that

Finally if you look in the same folder there are also a mapped template and NKS integration files for Kaivo so it can be controlled and integrated into the keyboard but no patches have been converted yet for that - so this is ongoing

You can read more about the project here:

This looks like very interesting work. Thanks for sharing. I would be interested to add NKS directly to Aalto (and the other synths) but I just haven't had time to look at it yet.

I'm very happy if you want to convert the factory patches as well.

I look forward to learning more about all this...

It's great that people are building more connections between Madrona Labs products and hardware controllers. Thanks Swey for doing that!

I just wanted to mention that I built mapping templates for the Novation Ultranova for Aalto, Kaivo and Virta. They're here

I like the Ultranova as a VST controller because it has 8 knobs, each with a LCD label so you know what parameter it controls. With the BACK and NEXT buttons, you can scroll through an unlimited number of 'pages' of parameters. I mapped every single knob on the instruments onto the controller template. It's wonderful to tweak them with physical knobs in real time.

Presumably the NKS has those same good qualities, plus others. It's all good. More more more. [g]

Thanks - I will work on converting factory presets soon

Hi @swey, I tried downloading your Aalto NKS templates but the Dropbox folder appears to no longer exist. However they and others appear to be all collected here

the link is from the Native Instruments forum discussion of this project which is the final link in your email

Thanks everybody