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Hello, Randy!

Just noticed, that patches in Aalto/Kaivo/Virta patch list are not sorted. This is not a problem, when there are only 10-20 patches in a folder, but it is not easy to find a patch when there are, say, 50 or 100 of them.

Here is a screenshot:

Please, consider sorting patches in patch list alphabetically by default in the future versions.

Thank you!

Thank you. Sorting was implemented from the beginning, but for some reason broke in the most recent version. I'm working to get an update out.

this works OK for me with the beta and all my factory patches. Do your factory patches sort OK?

In each patch there is a name stored with it that might be different from the name of the file. My guess is that they are being sorted by the internal names. If these get out of sync the sorting would be wrong. In the case of getting the patches from the forum these are likely not matching. I'll fix this somehow in the next version and for now you can change those internal names with a text editor.

Ach, OK, I found the problem. Not what I guessed above. Something else I optimized broke the sorting, but rarely enough that it did not show up in testing. This will be fixed for release soon.