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I'm a new Aalto user and really like it.

I have messed around with the Lemur Template but would prefer to use a hardware controller with knobs.

Are there any power users who have come up with preferred mappings for controllers with lots of knobs (BCR2000, Midi Fighter Twister, etc).

The thing is, Aalto has something like 81 knobs on a quick count — that’s too much for most controllers, so what do people NOT map for performance/improvisation?


I built a map for the Novation Ultranova which is here along with maps for Kaivo and Virta. I like the Ultranova as a midi controller because each of the 8 knobs has a LCD label so you know what it is as you flip up and down through the pages.

What emerges over time is a smaller set of controls you use most, and that's probably different for everybody. I add pages at the end of the map marked with ** and then map the smaller set of controls to 2-3 pages, rather than the 14 pages of the complete map that includes all the controls. That way you have a complete map followed by as many mini maps as you want. This is just one way to approach it. I'd like hear others.

I’m also wondering if anyone has mapped Midi Fighter Twister to Aalto...

I would love to chat about this...