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I programmed and experienced Kaivo (and a bit Virta) for nearly two days now and I am flashed by the sound. I liked the EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN since I was a teenager and Kaivo really offers a great pallette of their sounds - without renting a hangar and built all the stuff they did too achieve thier unique sound :)

Running Kaivo with 4 voices is fine on my Quadcore and sometimes 8 voices is okay too. But running software like Synthogys IVORY II (the new Grand collections) or VIRTA in parallel is absolutely killing all the fun.

I understand that you are focused on many things at once and that you will update your 3 Plugins. But performance optimation does not seem to be a primary goal. I think it should be an important goal because at the moment it is like having a ferrari left in the garage and taking the bycicle instead. Kaivo and Virta urgently needs multicore updates und further performance improvements to show and shine in their full glory during a life setting performance environment. At the actually state I think they both feel somekind of unfinished. The equally excellent sounding CHROMAPHONE2 for e.g. is performance-optimized much better and can also be played with many more voices.

I would be thrilled if one day this would be possible with Kaivo (and Virta).


Thanks for the feedback. This spring I sent out a Kaivo update that added about a 25% performance improvement. There will be more to come.


wow! You make me smile...maybe there will be two instances of KAIVO in one live session possible? Happy me. Thank you very much for your support.