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hi Randy, I've got a little problem with REAPER:
I made a preset with the 256 band vocoder and when I reload the preset there is no sound coming through virta - virta's meter indicates a signal but no sound at all. If I switch the vocoder preset from 256 to 32 and back again everything is fine.
I think this can't be right:)

Win10/64 16GB i7
REAPER 5.40 64bit
virta 1.3.2

Hmm. Can you get this problem with any of the factory patches? If not, can you please email me the broken patch?

Any news to this bug?
It's still there:(

Hi Wolfgang, I'm sorry to hear this bug is still happening after the update. I'll check into it using Reaper.


Same thing happens with Ableton 10 and Virta 1.9.3 on Mac. Virta just seems to be bypassed until I do the switch to 32 and back to 256 again.

Thanks for the info. I'm working on an update that will fix this.