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I am trying to dug out of my box o' stuff a pair of seemingly decent 2.5ohm bookshelf speakers recently. I wired them to an old mp3 player I have and while they sound good at low volumes, I get lots of distortion at high volume. Given that they are only 2.5ohm, I'm assuming that this is because they are trying to draw more current than the poor mp3 player can produce.

Rather than buying one (or new speakers for that matter), I'd like to try and build an amplifier for these speakers. I was looking at using an IC such as the TDA7294 [LINK REMOVED] but like all of these chips, the advised load impedance is 4 ohms. It doesn't specifically state anywhere that the absolute minimum is 4-8 ohms, but has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Will it still work at a lower load impedance if I just make sure that the volume is limited? If not, will I be able to use this IC if I chuck a big 2 ohm power resistor in series (as much of a waste of electricity as that is)?

I'll probably get some anyway to play with but I am a poor student and I would prefer not to blow up several $12 chips.

Any advice or suggest will be great helpful ! Thanks a lot !

These posts asking for DIY help appear to be fairly elaborate spam. The questions are copied from and links to have been added. The other poster has a email.

I have suspended the users.