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Hi Randy,

Really liking the cpu savings on the new versions of the plugins, unfortunately the amount of freezes that are occurring has increased a lot for me.

Kaivo 1.3.2
AU in ableton Live
macOS Sierra 10.12.3
When building patches, enabling the body element to an already active and modulated granulator and resonator has repeatedly led to the output freezing and sound output dropping out completely. The rest of the GUI remains active and animated.
Trying to switch patch doesn't restart the playback. Saving and restarting the plugin does work though.



Hi Michael. Thanks for the report—I'm sorry you're having trouble. Can you send me the patch you are using? You can just choose "Copy to clipboard" from the main menu then email it to support at madronalabs.

I'm surprised to hear that freezing has become worse for you. I tested here any couldn't get any freezes with these versions. But maybe there's something that instigates the freeze that I was not doing. I would love to fix this once and for all.

Thanks Randy, I'll email it over in a minute. Just for clarity - once saved with the body activated it all runs swimmingly. Have been trying to break it again but I can't, unless starting from a blank slate.

Same for me. building Patches from scratch using a 4 layer sample, sequencer, 2D-LFO, noise-module, resonance-module and everything is fine. After activating the sound at all and not re-activatable. The Bug can be reproduced. Tried it 3 times (everytime from scratch). I didn´t save the patches.

Thanks for the info.