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This probably belongs here:
I've enjoyed soft synths like Z3TA and such for awhile. All
my dreams of owning a synth as a kid coming true in software
but one thing was missing, a Buchla. Gotta say, the Aalto
is rockin' my world. Lotsa fun and really useful. Good on

I second that emotion, @winterlight. It took me years to understand and appreciate the elegant simplicity and boundless possibilities that this mysterious and seemingly straightforward instrument offers.

There is no piece of hardware OR software that gives me more pleasure.

Every time I sit down, I go looking for a sound I've never heard before. And many times, Aalto magically provides it.

plus, the VOX feature provides vast complexity and richness, in an (apparently) simple way. It's the kind of thing that only software can do, and yet very few softsynths manage something like that. It's awesome.

yeah agree about the vox thing

its absolutely killer