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Hi Randy, great work on the new builds and CPU work! Noticed a bug on the Reset in the Sequencer in Kaivo; seems disconnected.

ditto here (OS X 10.9.5)

Oops! Will do a quick fix release soon.

any news on this 'quick fix'? cheers

Thanks for the reminder. I have been completely immersed in making a new Soundplane touch detector. Very soon I can get a beta of this out and then I'll look back at Kaivo.

randy, any chance of a hotfix? been unable to use kaivo for 3 months

OK. I'll pause the Soundplane work if I have to and get a Kaivo update out next week. Sorry about the delay.

I'll pause the Soundplane work

oh, don't do that, Ive been holding my breath, and I'm going to implode if it doesn't arrive soon ;)

The Soundplane stuff is going well and I plan to put together a release before switching gears.


Working on it!


This is fixed, I'm working on the scale issue now and will send out an update shortly.

Any news on that update?

There is a beta out, which you probably saw, you can find in another thread. This should fix the sequencer issue. If you need this fix you can use the beta temporarily. I still have some other issues related to tuning files to solve.

This particular beta period has been longer than usual getting to completion—thanks for your patience.

Ah missed that one, but I see it's Mac only, so I'll wait for the update. Thanks for your reply anyways