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I have a simple music controller I built using a grid of FSRs. In my software each FSR press is represented by a frequency value in Hz (corresponding to which FSR was pressed) and a relative intensity/pressure value (corresponding to how hard the FSR is being pressed). Would I be able to send this info easily to Kaivo and have Kaivo synthesize sounds based on frequency and intensity?


sure, just send it some notes with different velocities! Or am I missing your point?

The frequencies are not the standard midi notes, they are from alternate tunings, that is why I have based them on frequency instead of midi number. Is there an easy way to transpose the message so Kaivo knows what to play the non-standard frequency?

Probably the easiest thing is just to use a tuning table inside Kaivo. You can make it in Scala format. It can be any arbitrary list of frequencies.

Cool, thanks. And continuously sending the velocity values will give continuous volume control?

sorry for the delay, I missed this one. Yes, it's easy to patch velocity or aftertouch or anything to volume control using the GATE module.