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Hi there,

Aalto 1.2 for Mac and Windows will be available this Friday, June 10 at around noon Seattle time.

New in Aalto version 1.2:

  • Mac and Windows VST versions
  • 64-bit Mac AU / VST
  • 64-bit Windows VST
  • Improved performance (20-50% faster than version 1.1)
  • Brand new patching interface
  • New cross-platform preset format
  • Improved dial ballistics
  • Over 100 new presets from Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Rory Dow, Surachai, Edward Ten Eyck and Madrona Labs.

Mac people, you are really going to enjoy so much more smoothness as compared to 1.1 --- I'm really happy to send this one out. Now I have to go make the scripts for the website that do the watermarking and emailing, and spend a little more time on the manual. I might be kind of quiet until Friday. Seeya then.

@toksin: It has nothing to do with it. So I don't know what registered owner of Aalto "Toksin" matches, because it's not in our Aalto database. But, I hope we got you sorted now.


I love this thing.. I got the email with the full version and I'm learning the ropes .. the sounds coming out of this VSTi are amazing.. You're my new favorite person..

This will probably cause me to scrap all of my in production work and start over because this brings a whole new element.. I just love it.

It runs excellent on my Windows 7 ( 32 bit ) install and the demo ran great on my 64 bit windows install at work.. I was able to run multiple instances with 4gb of ram at the office.. this thing is a champ.

Beautiful work!

Finally, the long-awaited Windows version!

I tried out the 1.1 demo on my Mac mini (well, really, my family's), and it confirmed that it was a definite buy for me, but I do my music stuff on my laptop, which runs Vista, so I'm really happy the Windows version finally came out. I'm going to mess around with the demo again for a while and then buy it.

I've been waiting nearly a year for this. I certainly hope it's worth it. Ah, who am I kidding? Of course it is.