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Hi Randy, just out of curiosity, what does Model B supposed to be??? An instrument(midi/OSC controller) or A Eurorack module?

Model B is what I am calling the next version of the Soundplane.

hahaha, that's exactly what I am looking for. Recently, I got a AXiS 49 to play around, and I feel very inspired with harmonic table note layout.Just one problem, the hexagon layout can not slide note intuitively like current Soundplane or LinnStrument.

And I am very looking forward to what is exactly could be under your extraordinary talent.

Any updates on the Model B? Will another run of Model As come before the B? Or is the B next in line for release?

The next Soundplanes will be Model Bs. There hasn't been much movement on it because I've been so focused on software here. Well, I do have the table saw set up. :-) I'll be excited to show pics of prototypes, etc when I can!

Thanks for the comment Randy! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.