ForumsSoftware ← Aalto UI bug : Partial Seq Trace (for non 1 voice count)

Hopefully self evident .. when the voice is 1 the seq trace will wrap around, when it is non-1 it will show partial traces for the extra voices leaving lots of unlit (but sounded) steps (also possibly glitchy/freeze when voice count is raised prior to restarting all voices)

Seems to be a new UI trait in this beta iirc, further comment on video

i'm not sure what's more sobering, no replies or only 8 views in 5 weeks for 3 bug video reports (3 & 2 views respectively on the others !), either way it doesn't bode well for getting support for these points or even to get them fixed .. it's fairly quiet here, and without footfall or feedback, it self-perpetuates which can't be in anyone's interest and makes it of questionable value to continue to offer feedback .. it certainly dents the enthusiasm to engage with it

This point is only about visual feedback, the other posts of mine which have no replies are about patching inconsistency, that should really be catching everyone's interest

A useful forum needs a bit of contribution from the community as well as the administration to build and sustain a momentum .. 2 views after 5 weeks for a video demonstrating a bug is a pretty disheartening statistic

Sorry I didn't acknowledge your bug reports! I do value them. I'm frustrated that I haven't had time to investigate these issues. I have had a show-stopper preventing release of the update still, and I have been trying to focus on that. I should have replied to you with a simple acknowledgement though.

I've logged your report in my GitHub issues and will get to it ASAP.