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This is a bug that affects Mousing in a quantised sequencer used for pitch

It is necessary to use the scroll wheel to get the expected range because it is not possible by mouse alone to achieve the highest value (even though it looks maxed out)

It is explained in the video comments

Bug first reported 20months ago in Feb 2015 circa 1.6, possibly always there, i'm not sure (more detail provided in that email report btw)

I believe this may also affect Kaivo, i haven't checked this at time of posting

Hopefully this can be resolved, it is easy to conceptualise and repeat unlike some other nuanced issues

I thought this was fixed. I'll make sure to test it for the next release.

This behaviour is still the same.

It is not possible by mouse dragging to achieve the quantised high value you expect, it is still necessary to scroll the last % using a mouse wheel, this is very counter intuitive as it stands.