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What am I missing here? I can't figure out why, after setting up an audio track, then virta using it as a side chain, the output of virta is mono in the left channel?

hmmm... try a patch known to produce stereo output regardless of input, like "simple vocoder drone." If this is still stuck in the L channel you know it's an issue with the Logic track setup. If you get both channels then it could be the inputs or a Virta issue.

I think what is happening is that mono inputs are only being routed to the left side only. I have a mono audio track as a side chain input and I only hear Virta producing sound on the left. I tried routing the mono audio track to a stereo bus, and then the stereo bus as the side chain input to Virta, but it still only comes out the left.

If I route a stereo audio track into Virta it works fine, both L and R outputs work, but I'm not sure how to route a mono track input successfully without duplicating the mono track into a stereo track manually.

Any suggestions?

OK, Given what I remember of Logic this makes sense. Can you use one of Logic's utility objects to make a stereo signal out of the mono signal?

I will give it a go and see if I can find an easier solution. I'll see if I can find room for a "mono" button in the audio input section too!

So I tried putting a stereo spread utility on the Virta's input channel. That channel is now a stereo channel and plays in stereo but Virta still outputs the Left channel only? I'm confused now.

This is important to me but I'm trying to get these plugin updates out and I don't have much time to put on my Application Support hat today. I made a bug report so that I will look at this later. Meanwhile, I hope using stereo tracks for your input is a reasonable workaround for you.

Hi. No worries I understand your very busy and your efforts are appreciated. I can survive a bit longer with the workaround. It does mean that Virta is difficult to use in a 'live' (track recording) way. I have to complete recording, duplicate the region into a dummy track and then merge them into a stereo track before playing with Virta. Thanks!

If I just open up a stereo track for recording on my laptop, the mic input comes into both channels. So I would think any mono input would do the same?

I'll give it a shot and let you know. I'm using a Keith McMillen k-mix for recording input btw.

Well it turns out that this is not really an option for me, as if I try to make a mono stereo it joins 2 of my input channels on the interface, which is not really what I need at all. Thanks for the suggestion though!

And actually, just opening virta in logic, with no side chained input, audio out is left channel only. Even from a blank project with only 1 track for virta.

I did a quick test too, with a simple synthesis patch (so no input)

if you load as a midi controlled effect, then indeed its mono/left only.

BUT if you load it as an audio FX, then actually its stereo, ( I could do this by sending notes via OSC, so exact same patch.)

so its just midi controlled effects that have the issue, perhaps the differences in reports here.

for midi fx, as a workaround, you can use a Imaging -> Direction mixer... but of course means you cannot pan within virta.

finally, just to check it wasn't some Logic oddity with mono and midi controller effects... I tried softube modular as an midi controlled effect, and that was ok in stereo.

anyway hope this is helpful.

The above is true but to add if using Virta as an audio effect on a mono input, then you get left channel only output. I was successful in adding a stereo spreader effect before Virta on the mono input and then getting stereo out. This solution works fine for me. Thx.

yeah, theres actually a couple of oddities when you add Virta as an Audio FX....

first, if you have a mono audio input channel (so make sure its mono before you try to add Virta) ... then Virta is not shown as a plugin.
you can 'force' the issue by putting it on a stereo channel and changing it.

the other thing, is when its on a stereo channel and only playing LEFT, if you put the pan in Virta hard left, nothing comes out, only when you put it centre/right... so it appears something internally is a bit odd with panning...

I wonder if the first issue may be the heart of the issue, as all other plugins I have, allow you to select Stereo, Mono or Mono->Stereo... this implies Virta is telling Logic it can only do stereo...

anyway, Im sure once Randy runs it up in logic it'll be pretty clear.

BTW: the virta input meters are showing on a mono channel, input on both inputs, so that part appears to be correct, it appears to be the output/pan stage.

Hi, I downloaded the new release and I still have this issue. Maybe it is something simple we are doing wrong!?

I didn't make any fix to possible channel issues. I can look into this stuff soon.

Thanks Randy! Happy holidays!

I was hoping for a fix with the new .1 releases, but still left channel only in Logic.

Thanks @thetechnobear for your investigations—from what you say it looks like there is something I can configure better in the plugin's settings when it's a MIDI controlled effect.

Meanwhile it sounds like adding a stereo effect is an OK workaround? If I recall right, Logic has an M/S processor plugin that could do this without affecting the sound.

I can get it to work sometimes but not all the time. It's really a pain when routing and working with mono instruments, and It negates a lot of the panning within Virta too. Also, it's only mono when using it as an instrument (sound source), which is really pretty silly.

I hear you.

Is there any solution in sight?

Yes, I put a fix for this in the previous update 1.3.2.

Hey Randy, so I'm running 1.3.2 and I still have only left channel when run as MIDI controlled effect in Logic. Is there some special setup I'm missing? Thanks for your time!

First, can you confirm you look in the upper right of the plugin and it says version 1.3.2? There are a couple of location where plugins can hide, so you may have an old version around.

I just rechecked it with Logic 10.2.4 here with both stereo and mono inputs. I remember you wanted to use mono inputs so I'll give those steps:

  • make a new mono->stereo audio track. choose Input (for example) 1 and outputs 1-2.
  • put the Virta AU effect plugin on the track. The AU menu will offer only the choice for Virta Mono->Stereo.

Then the mono input turns into stereo audio within Virta.

You can try patching the oscillator direct to the output's AUX in and panning it, this should test to see if you have stereo outputs independent of the input.