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Any thoughts on this software development for the Soundplane and Aalto

I know Eigenlabs are implementing it. It seems a very elegant solution to the polyphonic expresion problem. I hope Software instrument manufacturers will implement it. What are your thoughts?



It's possible I would implement it if it really caught on and lots of customers wanted it. I'm more interested in the possibilities with the Soundplane and OSC linking to a whole world full of new soft synths that aren't hampered by a MIDI interface to begin with. Check out some of Roger Linn's recent demos with his Linnstrument. He has been explaining to people the same thing I demoed with my prototype Soundplane, which was, you don't need envelopes any more if you can articulate each note individually. So I see this kind of control as a new baseline, not something added onto MIDI.

Did you know that Aalto has polyphonic aftertouch right now? The "after" signal is the sum of the channel aftertouch and the polyphonic aftertouch for each note.

Yes I have been checking out the Roger Linn tour very interesting indeed. Whilst I can see the benefits of the fingers being the envelope there does need to be a note on type message to implement fast attacks and transients.

I can see the benefits of going with OSC and not using MIDI. However, when using a controller such as this, people might want to use it with there favourite VST easily. Note expression allows people who are not used to the modular /non-envelope paradigm to get the most out of the controller and possibly use it with their DAW, should they wish. It should not replace OSC however.I can appreciate that recourses are limited and maintaining a midi and OSC protocols is costly so I guess we should see how things develop. I heard form the eigenharp guys that they do not use OSC natively as there are timing issues with the data, is that something you have experienced?

No I did not know abou the Aalto polyphonic aftertouch. I will have to check it out

I'll have to support using VSTs of course but i think some really neat ways of playing will only be possible with custom instruments that talk to the Soundplane directly.

I won't go too in depth here but I'm thinking more along the lines of signals than messages for the Soundplane / instrument connection. Imagine there's no note on / note off as in MIDI, but instead as many channels of CV / gate / expression signals as you like. Haven't run into any problems with OSC that would prevent this.

I'm still experimenting with the best way to do an attack that's faster than your finger...

Fascinating! I cannot wait.I would imagine the streams you talk of might be akin to what Wessel at CNMAT talked about with his SLABs device? Whilst you are not running at quite the same scan rate as him I would imagine this would make for a more responsive instrument.


We want to explore every vector of expression possible for the Soundplane.

I have done a lot of work with MIDI, including MIDI guitar, and I assure you that we will support MIDI to the fullest extent possible. I am not drinking the OSC coolaid yet, so there is no bias. MIDI will not be ignored here.

That said, analog CV can do things that simply are not possible with MIDI, and OSC will certainly have its own advantages and disadvantages, too. In fact, if you can provide a link to details about Eigenlabs' OSC problems, then I would like to include that in my research. Please keep the discussion open!

Here is some food for thought about how the link between controller and sound generation device can audibly affect the musician's expressive options: