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Hey, I just redownloaded Aalto and the installer works fine just that the files apparently don't get written at all.

Can anyone think of what's going awry here?

Are you on Mac, or Windows?

If windows, maybe check your Anti virus settings?

yes, it was the antivirus. thanks

Greetings. Running OX10.7.5 and Digital Performer 6.02 (old, I know, sorry). Just installed Aalto 1.7 - it turns up only as a VST in Bidule 0.9728 and it fails as an AU plugin in Performer. Any ideas? And where would it be found on my hard drive? Thanks.

10.7 or higher should be OK. You mean Performer fails to find it? Or the plugin launches but then fails? The Aalto.component should be in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components.

Maybe in this case clearing your Audio Units cache will help. Just delete the file ~/Library/Caches/ It will be recreated as needed.

Randy, thanks for your response. Aalto shows up in the DP 6.02 Plug-in Preferences window as "Failed" The Aalto component is in place as you advised (the component is dated July, 25, 2011). Believe it or not I have no file titled ~/Library/Caches/ Any other possibilities?

At worst I can run Bidule as a DP plug-in and then load Aalto 1.7 as a VST within Bidule… but would be hip to run Aalto (as with previous versions) without the intermediary step. Best and thanks again, Steve

DP doesn't open VSTs?

The AudioUnits cache behavior is unfortunately not well documented by Apple, so the "delete your cache" advice approaches voodoo: a thing that works sometimes but I know not exactly why. So I can't say for sure what a missing cache would mean.

I can get more info if you open a Terminal and run 'auval -v aumu Aalt MLbs'. This will validate the Aalto AU. It looks like possibly this is failing on your system. Please send me the resulting text by email to Thanks!

Thank you, Randy. I've emailed the Terminal text as you requested. Thanks again for any help you might offer. Best, Steve

Son of a gun, NOW it passed in DP. THANK YOU and no need to stress the Terminal text. Best to you, greatly appreciate your taking the time to support. Steve

Ah, OK! glad to hear. Maybe the manual validation woke up DP somehow. I was about to get back to you without any real ideas, because the validation looked perfect.

Hey there,

I'm having the same problem as described at the top of this thread - running the installer on OSX10.10 by allowing all software AND trying opening with a ctrl+click, installer cycles through successfully it seems, but then no files etc appear.

I'll email the results of the Terminal code over for you to check out.

Thanks alot!


EDIT: My mistake. Recently upgraded to Live 9 and hadn't scanned for plug ins previously.