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I had a LinnStrument, and got lots of fun with it, but I prefer some concepts of Soundplane, such as the simplicity/organic surface/high resolution sensor etc.But there only one thing confused me is the "layout". I meant I love the grid and string-like layout, but I thought the grid was too long :) I know that's for more Y axis space, but there is a problem that it will lose some flexibility to play with. For example, I can just use two fingers of my left hand to slide separately within two or three rows on LinnSturment,because LinnStrument had a square grid.So, is there a possible that Randy can make a version of Soundplane with 7 rows based on the existing??
Hope I am clear enough, and any comments are appreciated.


I realized that's not a good idea, and so subjective. Sorry folks :(

No worries, I appreciate just about any suggestions.