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I did this list for someone else, but thought it might be valuable here....

so what synths do you use with the Soundplane? and support MPE etc?

(I know we all have and enjoy Aalto/Kaivo... but Im sure many use others , no?)

anyway ,this is not an exhaustive list, more the ones I use,
but before we start we should group into categories

  • MPE, fully supports MPE ( or at least notionally, including PB range)
  • MPE compatible, actually really this is 'continuum' mode, polyphonic x/y/z via Ch Pres, CC74, PB, may need configuring/scripts etc, not 'automatic'
  • Voice per channel - polyphonic x/y/z but uses different CCs etc
  • Multitimbral, any of these can be used 'as' voice per channel, but some are easier than others, due to how parts can be duplicated/linked etc (Im not going to list)


  • Madrona Labs Aalto
  • Madrona Labs Kaivo
  • NI Reaktor (with my blocks/macros in user library)
  • Oscillot (M4L, Ive a modular for this if anyone is interested)


  • Axoloti (hardware)
  • Madrona Labs Aalto
  • Madrona Labs Kaivo
  • Futuresonus Parava (hardware -I don't have it)
  • Softube Modular (via 'RISE' module)

(ok, none are strictly compliant yet, but very close)

MPE Compatible

  • NI Reaktor (with my blocks/macros in user library)
  • UVI Falcon (since 1.0.2)
  • PPG Wavegenerator / Wavemapper
  • FXP Strobe 2
  • Max/MSP

Voice Per Channel

  • U-he Bazille
  • U-he ACE
  • U-he Diva
  • U-he Hive
  • Logic Pro X (various inbuilt synths)


  • Cubase Pro (possibly Artist) - per note expression
  • Bitwig - MPE support
  • Logic Pro X - can host VSTs very well, and some built-in synths are multi channel , but no recoding facility, need to use track channel or audio
  • Ableton Live - a pain, need to use track per channel or audio

BTW: Id really recommend checking out UVI Falcon, its turned into a powerhouse for MPE controllers :)

Great job! man

Is there a demo for UVI Falcon? Wanted to try it out but can't seem to find a way...

@theheliosequence , I don' think they have a demo currently, but there are quite a few (excellent!) tutorial videos, sound demos, and the manual online. i know, not quite the same but gives a pretty good impression.
(other UVI products have demo versions so perhaps they will have one the future)

@andrewj, my pleasure , I'll update if I think of more, or get others :)

Softube Modular has just added a RISE module, which can also be used with MPE mode on the soundplane ... lots of fun :)

Thanks so much! Super useful little list!

Does anyone know how the Parava interfaces with the Soundplane?
I can't imagine Soundplane not needing the Soundplane Client.

My ultimate set up would be Sounplane straight into a synth with no need for a laptop on stage. That would be apocalyptic!

yes, you'll need the soundplane client - but I'm working on eliminating the laptop ;) see MEC

with this I'm currently able to run the Soundplane on a raspberry PI,
which can be battery powered, which then connects directly to hardware synths... testing with Axoloti and my Virus so far.

not yet finished/released, I'm still working on it, but it works, just a matter of finding the time to complete it ;)

Techbear and Randy. I have no words. Ya'll are amazing!

I need to stay tuned, I have a RasPi tucked away somewhere back when I was attempting to make a touch controller of my own our of two force sensors!

haha super laughable.