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Will Aalto ever get 8 voices like Kaivo?


Awesome! Have you considered having dedicated stereo outs per voice for your instruments? Would be a boon for sure.

You mean each voice on its own stereo pair of outputs? That's a lot of outputs (when we get 8 voices for Aalto anyway). Would one per voice be as useful? What software would you use to route them? Curious about your application.

Yes that's what I meant. Mono would prob be fine too though, maybe better actually.

Well REAPER will let each output of a vsti record to it's own track, I also use Bidule which would allow the exploitation of multiple outs easily. I guess Max would allow the same, other DAWs probably have ways of dealing with vstis with mutiple outs - like most drum machine plugins tend to have an out for each drum sound don't they.

There is so much you can do with the vox modifier on Aalto/Kaivo, you can go crazy and have each voice sound utterly different, have different envelopes, timbres and modulations... Imagine if you could capture those separately in a session and then go on to resample them, or layer them in ways impossible within Aalto/Kaivo themselves. Separate EQing, other FX etc.

Could be a very useful addition to a workflow.

Yes, sounds useful. To varying extents in different DAWs, I guess. Thanks for the tips.

No probs. Cheers :)

Any update on an 8 voice aalto?

It's still coming—hard to say when.

I'd like to add a +1 for having individual mono outputs per voice.

Apart from the ability to apply effect chains to each voice, it would also allow for spatially positioning each voice quadraphonic-style. That would be an awesome feature to have.

This is something I can contemplate now that I don't have the watermarking...

I'm mainly a bidule user. I also have licenses for FL Studio and audiomulch 2, but I rarely use those.

Using individual outputs per voice would be a really cool and easy to use feature in bidule. :)

+1 on the separate outputs!

I'm working on 4DSOUND ( - a spatial sound system in which you can locate each mono layer separately in space. In combination with MPE ( modulating both synth and spatial location /size /effect), these separate outputs would enable to create the most powerful spatial synthesiser ever.

Randy, I'd love to speak with you about such a possibility!

OK, one more vote added—I'll definitely make the quad and/or individual outs version when I get a chance.

I am also planning to have 8 voices in a future version of Aalto. I could see wanting four individual outputs but not 8. So, are there going to be separate stereo, quad, octo versions? Having three separate plugins seems kind of messy. I'll try to find a way to provide the useful features without too much clutter.

I like the idea of this with MPE, but how would it work?

it seems to me, that if you have mono voices, and then a separate component taking these as input and processing the same MPE messages as the synth.
then you are relying on some kind of fixed allocation e.g. channel 2 = voice output 1, 3 = vo2.

this works in a simplistic way, but most mpe enabled synths do not have this fixed relationship ... the voice number is not related to the channel number directly (of course its tracked, so that messages from that channel are routed appropriately)

this I think is done for 2 reasons:

  • the midi channel range may be greater than number of voices, and also it may be using rotating channels. (e.g. its setup for channels 2-15) but only hits a synth with 4 voices... it should still work, just your limited to 4 voices.

  • mpe allows for polyphony on one midi channel e.g. say you have an mpe zone, with only 4 midi channels allocated, it allows for you to still play (e.g) 6 notes, albeit that you only get per note expression on 4 of the notes.

ok, I know aalto doesn't do either of these things, but certainly I think it should do the first one at least.

+1 vote for 8 voices on Aalto! It would be immensely appreciated!!

A mono individual out per voice would be useful. This can be a 'No User Interface' thing: you get the voice, at whatever amplitude, and let the host handle panning & volume. Dead easy to set up on Live, and I imagine other programs as well.

"Awesome! Have you considered having dedicated stereo outs per voice for your instruments? Would be a boon for sure."

individual Mono-Outs would be great and even "only" 4 would be absolutely sufficient. imagine 8!!! stereo outs with all the phasing and whatnot plus several more tracks in a mix. No I don´t want to imagine that sound-monstrosity ;) I prefer dry mono tracks, they offer all the freedom you ever need to make a big variety of different sounding mixes.