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This is a small selection of my personal presets for Aalto

Some have been used in 2 compositions for a friends radio broadcast i posted on Soundcloud here
and here

a few are more recent ones that have not been used.

These patches are mostly evolving drones and FX and may not be of any use
but i thought it best to set some of them free, I suggest using a limiter while browsing presets as some of them are quite noisy.
I realise 26 presets is a bit of a strange amount but i still have so many presets i need to use in my own stuff first and i feel this is a good amount to give away for FREE

The audio demo on consists of me fading in and out of roughly 15 of the patches

Patches available to download here

Thanks for sharing ;-)

Now that 1.6 has program change… endless fun.