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Ive 'ported' this to the Soundplane, as its really fun, you can get some amazing voice sounds, with vowel control on one x/y grid, and pitch/effort and larynx on another.

Cantor Digitalis on a Soundplane

go check out their website (in YT description) for some examples of what skilled players can do with it, very impressive stuff.

nice work. are there more details on the soundplane setup you are using?

If your interested I could post the patch…

(Im not sure if max patches can be posted here, as the forum does some weird formatting)

I use OSC, put the soundplane into chromatic zone (so I get full x/y/z), then Ive edited the main control patch to send the relevant max messages based on the tch messages. If your familiar with max its simple enough.

as I say, though I can post the patch if your interested/prefer

it would help my understanding, I expect. maybe you can put it into a zip? via email?


ok uploaded here Cantor Digitalis Max Patch

this actually combined with changes also made for a haken continuum
(don't worry there is no mention of SP, as it needs no UI, it just works )

to use, download CD from their website, then copy this patch into the _MainPrograms directly and start it from Max.

you will need the CNMAT packages for OSC-route, since i use those (would be easy to avoid this, but I often use them so didnt think not to this time around :))

then run the SP app in OSC mode, and use the chromatic zone, without quantisation, (as cantor digitalis has its own.)

first 6 columns have vowel space, rest is playing area.

oh cantor digitalis set manual tuning to -14 -3, no link... this will ensure correct tuning for voices.