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I have just updated and converted banks but I think some of my own patches must have been in the factory location so they are now above the line between user and factory patches - since the new folder location doesn't seem to differentiate how can I move them all into the user group?

Ive found if you prefix your bank name with Aalto or Kaivo, it considers it to be a factory bank, if its anything else its not.

@Randy, can I now delete ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs ?
i.e its not used by Kaivo or Aalto now?

Ah that explains it - so the 2 banks Aaltovista (mine) and Aaltosphere (Zensound) are now being classed as factory banks ;)

Yep, it's easier for everyone if there's only one place where all the patches go. So I just use the name to file the factory patches.

I'll change it to look for "Aalto[space]" in the next version. Or I guess I could do something more clever like look for dash Aalto and then leave out the dash. But in my experience cleverness usually leads to more problems later...


Just curious: on OS X, isn't ~/Library/Audio/Presets/ the place where plugins are supposed to store presets?

That's what Apple says we should do. But practically, they made a customer support nightmare by saying files should be saved somewhere, and then hiding that directory from the user. I don't think this was a good decision and I'm trying to do the best thing for users. I'm following the lead of some other companies (like Ableton) and putting everything possible in ~/Music where users can actually see their own files.

Makes sense. Thanks for explaining, Randy.