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Hi, Just got a brand new MacBook Air running Ableton Live 9, I am running Yosemite on the machine. Installed three times now, not showing in the plug in list in Ableton? what's up? Thanks, CK

Is Aalto located in the same location as the rest of your plugins?

In the Live 9 Preferences menu go to the Filer Folder tab. Under the Plug-In Sources section do you see where it says "Use VST Plug-In System Folders" and "Use VST Plug-In Customer Folder"? Try enabling the Customer Folder (set this option to on) and then target that folder with the "Browse" button. After this click "Rescan" at the top of the Plug-In Sources tab. Does Aalto appear now?

Thanks for helping, @sequencersampler.

After a normal install of Aalto 1.5 the Aalto AU plugin should be in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. That's the System Library, not your user Library. The VST plugin goes to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST . You can check these folders to make sure Aalto is there. I have not heard of any issue with the installer.