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Is it possible to somehow default Aalto to be monophonic in all patches, even custom ones? My PC rarely handles two voices of Aalto well, so it would really be a blessing to have that without needing to disable voices for every patch by hand.
Maybe you could, if nothing else is possible, add a mono only version to the download area and mark it 'for those with Wooden Computers(tm)'?

You can set the number of voices for any patch with the "voices" dial in the KEY module. I guess that is what you mean by doing it by hand?

There was another person who wanted a certain dial to be a certain way all the time without having to change it. In his case, the "reverb" dial. So, I can see making a "dial lock" feature that would fix a dial to a certain setting. Any modulation would still apply, but in the case of the number of voices that's not an issue.

hehe, i think i even know who said that about the reverb. wasn't me, but i do remember reading it.

i recall there being a special computer music magazine monophonic version of aalto. is that compatible with all patches (apart from being monophonic)?

if so, i suppose i should have gotten that and not invested any money in your full product. just kidding, i am happy with aalto and will hang on to it for a good while as i hope ('am certain', i should maybe rather say) you will to updating it and keeping it current/compatible.

edit: and despite being even more cpu-intensive (unless i am imagining things) kaivo is really high on my list of synths to get soon.
there is one other synth i am interested in that i could even afford, but i think i am going to hang on to my money until i have enough for kaivo. even monophonic it's simply beautiful judging from the demo.

You could use a Utility plugin in your DAW/host environment to force the plugins output to mono.

Yes, I'm working hard to keep things current. Thanks for the good words!