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There's been a lot of work done with Madrona Labs’ instruments and OSC (Open Sound Control) lately. I’m not sure why the sudden flurry of developments—maybe winter is suited to working on these plumbing/scaffolding types of activities. In any case, I'm very happy to see it. Open Sound Control is much more suited than MIDI for handling the high-resolution, rich, per-touch data that comes from instruments like the Soundplane.

First, here are a couple of videos from António Machado, showing his work with a Haken Continuum, Kaivo, and Aalto. He uses the EigenD environment and an “agent” (EigenD object) written by Mark Harris to give high-res, note-per-touch data to Aalto and Kaivo. It’s rare to see a techy video that is this enjoyable to listen to in its own right, so a big thanks to António and Mark, and please enjoy...

With his Soundplane, Mark goes further into the details of the agent and builds a modular synth step-by-step in the EigenD environment in a series of videos:

Mark has been busy— he has also put together some instruments that work in Reaktor over OSC. Reaktor-enabled Soundplane owners take note! These can be found here on the forums.

Developments like these get me excited to support the next steps with new software features. I plan to offer more and more flexibility for expert users. But in a way, that is the easy part. The flexibility needs to be there, but without getting in the way of the simple experience, where you just plug the instrument in and it works immediately, offering an intimate connection to your music.

Thanks Randy, Lots more developments to come... its great being able to collaborate with both you and Antonio, its alot of fun, and so much potential.... looking forward to 2015.