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It’s educational

I’ve always been happy to offer educational pricing deals for my plugins, if someone asks. I have not generally advertised it because the selling mechanism was a bit of a pain to deal with for both me and the buyer. Thanks to some improvements to the web site, that is no longer the case, so I'm spreading the news more widely now.

A 50% discount on all Madrona Labs software is available for any person currently enrolled in or teaching school or university. If you would like to use this discount, please do the following:

  • Make a Madrona Labs account if you don’t have one
  • Send an email to including a picture of your current student or faculty ID, and telling me what you want to buy (Aalto and/or Kaivo). Please keep the image size small (< 1Mb) or the mail may bounce!

When I get the email I’ll send you download coupons that you can use at purchase to get your educational discount.

I plan to keep this 50% discount on software available indefinitely, so there’s no hurry. Madrona Labs would not be here without the past support of my research by the University of Victoria, and its future will be shaped by ideas presented at conferences like DAFX and NIME.

For site license pricing, please contact me at


I’m only taking one class, is that OK?

Yes, thanks for asking.

My school or university doesn’t have IDs.

Then it’s probably not an accredited educational institution, which is kind of where I draw the line.

Is there a discount on hardware?


Is this educational version different in any way from the normal software?

No. It is the same license, for commercial or non-commercial use, and does not expire. It will qualify for the same upgrades as the full-priced version.

Can I use the educational discount along with another sale discount?

No, only one discount at once.