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I always try to refine the Soundplane design and production process, and I can say that the third run of Soundplanes has turned out to be the best one yet. I allowed for a 10% failure rate of finished main circuit boards, building 30 complete boards and only selling 27. Happily, we had a 0% failure rate and every board has tested OK. So, I have an extra instrument to offer right now and a couple more special builds waiting in the wings.

Here you see Soundplane #0073 (click for closeups). One of the darker-colored cherry instruments from the third run, it is a sharp looker, and of course a smooth player. It's for sale at $1,895—if you would like to order it, just send me an email to randy at madronalabs dot com and I'll send a money request to you via PayPal. I can ship it out immediately. Please see the ordering info at, especially if you are outside the USA.

There are also two instruments for sale on the forums. One is in the USA and essentially unused, from this most recent run. There is also an instrument from the previous run for sale by its owner in Europe. For a European buyer it could mean a good savings on the purchase prices as well as duties and postage. [EDIT] updated info

Editing the title seems to have removed the pictures. Anyway, the instrument has sold.