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Hi everybody
I am using this synths for a few days now and I am totally fascinated. Some of its features are available in Reaktor, too, but this is a so much better user experience for me and feels really organic, sound wise and operation wise.
A few additional features would make it even better for me.
I miss something like a cv mixer, where I can mix and level control signals, before entering a sound module.
An input for modulating the volume outputs of the res and box modules would be great, too.
And than there is something I would love to see, but I have no idea if that is technically possible, that would be kind of the contrary of the overlap feature. Something where the grains would have a some distance in between each other, but you could still define the grain size. I don't know if its clear what I mean, but I imagine some kind of stuttering sounds with such a feature.
Sorry if something is covered in older posts already, but since there is no search function...
Thanks again for such a great product, it immediately became my favorite software synth.

Good feedback all around, thanks for the good words Tobias.

I have plans to address some of these mixer features soon.

With overlap

'I have plans to address some of these mixer features soon.' Great!

'With overlap' :-)

Oops, looks like I deleted part of my comment when posting.

I wrote something about how with overlap, isn't an overlap of

[EDIT] Oh wow, it did it again, looks like a problem with writing the "less than" sign in our Markdown engine. Will look into this.

was trying to say, with overlap less than 1, it sounds like what you are describing to me, how is that different than what you want?

It is true, I played a little more with the rate and overlap controls and I came very close to what I needed. It is a pretty deep instrument.