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Hey all! Here are some sample packs I have put together, figured you might get some use of them! All CC, so have fun, and please share what you come up with!

Hi active,

Thanks for sharing. Some description of what's in the packages might help people decide if they want to download or not.

haha, very true.

basically these are sound studios of acoustic sounds that i have used for different sound projects. inspired by the artist eskmo, the first package, a names for girls, is various bits of percussion hardware recorded in stereo with neumann 184s through a neve poritco mic pre. the only effects applied is a healthy does of compression using the H-Comp.

b names for girls, the second package, is sonic study of different types of tape: scotch, masking, duct, gaffers, etc and sounds that they make. plus a few of me drinking some juice. recorded using a audio technica 4060 into a dbx 376 and only effects were the H-Comp.

Thank you for sharing these interesting timbres. :)