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I am trying to bring up my own presets using program change messages. It works fine until I open up the VST display of the synth and after that, even when I close it again, it doesn't respond anymore to these messages.

This is strange because the reset function at program number 128 works perfectly even when the synth display is open.

Have you any idea why this might be and is this something you could help with?

Many thanks!

OS X version 10.8.2
2.3 GHz Intel Core i7

I haven't heard of this problem before. I will investigate for the upcoming updates.

This will definitely be host-related so tell me what host and what version of it you are using!

Thanks Randy,I'm on Ableton 9.1.


i wanted to say that i'm having similar problem:after opening the GUI program change messages doesn't affect the instrument anymore, but the weirdest thing is, aalto shows me the name of the preset which it is on, and this preset doesn't exist! At least i can't find it however much i try...the name looks similar to those i give to my own presets, but there's no such file really...

Thx for the feedback.