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Hi Randy,

I seem to be missing one thing in the Granulator section of Kaivo:

Is there a way of simply playing back an audiofile?

If I set Overlap to 0.125 and the rate to 1.000, I only get a small fragment of Audio with a fast decaying envelope.

Somehow I´m missing a "readout length" parameter.

The granulators I´m usually working with, define readout rate via the length of the loop it creates- from the whole file to a tiny fragment.

Somehow, Kaivo is missing this functionality, or am I mistaken here?

Or is this a desired behaviour (which would rob it of a lot of musical potential, in my opinion)?

Right now, I can´t playback a drumloop without glitches and timing problems...

Sincerely, TonvaterJan

The rate parameter refers to the rate at which new grains are created. If you want to create one grain and have the sample play all the way through, you set the rate to 0. Check the "Patching for Fun and Profit" section of the manual, it explains this perfectly.

Thank you.

That clarified it for me.

Sincerely, TonvaterJan