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Hi there !

I am having lots of fun with Kaivo but after a while the cpu usage seems to behave strangely (pumping from 40 to 99 and back)....

Maybe it's just me.

Once peaks start, changing polyphony does not calm down. Using FL Studio 11, VST version of Kaivo, Win 8.

Not a familiar problem to me. Thanks for the report. I'll check out Kaivo in FL 11 / WIn 8 as soon as I get a chance.

I just downloaded the demo and it sounds absolutely amazing; will be a definite purchase for me as soon as the cpu issue is resolved -

Loading one instance of Kaivo in the latest version of Ableton Live 9 Suite with no other instruments, sounds or effects, and it sits at 50% cpu with spikes to 99% while playing. This occurs on a brand new, maxed out Apple iMac (3.5GHz Quad core i7 with 32GB of RAM, OS 10.9.2)

I've never had any other plugin come close to this high of a CPU count; I can usually run 20 tracks of audio and midi with effects and barely reach 30% CPU. So for one track of Kaivo to be at 50 to 99% means there is something wrong. Such a shame too, because I am completely blown away by the sound and capabilities of Kaivo...

Thanks for the feedback. I'll be working on the CPU use, and posting some tips on how to get more out of it, so stay tuned.

I've been seeing massive CPU hits from Kaivo in Nuendo 7.0 on Windows 7 64bit. I had 4 instances running on a 4 core 3.6GHZ Xeon. I was hoping to use it quite a bit on my current project being played from my Linnstrument, but not so sure now. I guess freezing tracks would help.

There was some bug related to multithreading that created the CPU hit you are describing, specifically on Xeon processors. I never did come to a complete understanding of it, not having a Xeon here for testing but I think I fixed it when I cleaned up some related Aalto code.

If Aalto works well on your machine, the Kaivo update coming up soon should work well, too. Please keep in touch with your experience.

I have an old intel quad core 2.6 ghz. The dulcimer, and similar presets are not just maxed out in real time, but also un-recordable with CPU at 20-30% in reaper. (Of course, no other tracks loaded). I did manage to record some stuff that was closer to 18%-32%,such as slap tube, which was fine. Since it is unplayable I simply hope a DAW could record it, for use in creating various tracks and drum sample material.

Is there anything that may help me to record the dulcimer in Reaper?

Please check out this article on "getting the most out of Kaivo":

It's got some tips and points out ways that Aalto and Kaivo are a bit different from other synths in use. Turning down the number of voices to the amount you are actually using is often a good idea. Also, turning off graphics may help.

I haven't used Reaper much, but if it's at 20-30% but not recording that a problem. What happens instead of recording? You get glitches?

Most DAWs have a freeze or offline render option where the track is recorded in non real time. This should do what you are trying to if you can find such an option in Reaper.