ForumsSoftware ← How long will the Kaivo sale price last?

And what will it be when it goes off sale?

I'm a little tight on money right now, but I'd really like to take advantage.

Hi Joey,

Sorry the website wording is a bit confusing. There's not a sale now---$129 is the normal retail price. I just meant it's selling now. I don't plan to have a sale on Kaivo until the annual holiday sales time.

Ah very good! Thanks Randy

No discount for Aalto users? :)

No discount for Aalto users? :)


Isn't there any discounts at all for Kaivo or educational discounts to show your gratitude as the developer for returning registered Aalto users? :)

I really think $129 is a very fair price for a tool of this calibre. Kaivo isn't just another subtractive synth with 'classic' filters, this is some seriously mind expanding stuff - I use it to synthesise shifting environmental noises. If you like what you hear, take the plunge!

I am happy to offer an educational discount. Email me for details.